To get a student visa you must be enrolled in a full-time registered course and may be required to show that you have the funds to support yourself while you study in addition to the necessary English language ability. The school, college of university must have issued you with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) before you can apply.

All applicants for a student visa will have to show they are a genuine student and that they intend to return home when their studies in Australia are completed. Even though many students transition to other visas after their studies, and many international students eventually get permanent residency in Australia, the general idea of student visas is that they are meant only for people who want to gain a qualification in Australia and then return to their own country.

It is important you provide a reasonable amount of evidence that you are a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE), and are not applying for a student visa in order to get into Australia and then apply for another visa. In general, you will want to show that you have reasons for returning to your own country, such as family connections and a job; and that the qualification you gain in Australia will help your career in your own country.

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I want to study in Australia More

To study in Australia you will need to get a subclass 500 student visa. The regulations for this visa are all about ensuring that only people with a genuine intent to study in Australia in order to advance their career prospects in their own country are granted this visa. Even though international students make up a significant proportion of people who eventually get permanent residency in Australia, and there are various pathways that international students can take to achieve this end, the subclass 500 student visa is basically intended only for students. You will have to provide evidence with your application that shows you are a ‘Genuine Temporary Entrant’ (GTE).

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I am under 18 – can a family member come with me? More

If you are the parent, guardian, or a relative over 21, you can get a Student Guardian visa to come to Australia to look after a student under 18…

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I finished my course – how can I stay in Australia? More

After you finish your studies you may be able to get a Temporary Graduate 485 visa. You can use the 18 months or more this visa will give you to do the things necessary to increase your points score on the Points Test if your aim is to get a skilled work visa. This may include getting work experience in your occupation or improving your English and then taking another IELTS exam with the hope of a better score. Alternatively, you might find a business to sponsor you.

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How Alta Visa can help

If you have decided on a course, we can enrol you and prepare your student visa application. If you are not sure what you want to study, it may be better to talk to an education agent first.

We can advise you about the evidence required to prove to the Immigration Department that you are a genuine student only coming to Australia to study. Some student visa applicants are not asked for much evidence, while others are required to show a lot. We can advise you on what evidence to get, and help you assemble it.

We help you prove that you are a Genuine Temporary Entrant. Even though many students stay in Australia after they finish their studies, and eventually get permanent residency, the general idea for student visas is that they are meant only for people who want to study a course – not someone who wants to use a student visa to get into Australia, and then stay. It is important to provide enough evidence to make it clear to the Case Officer assessing your application that you have an established life outside Australia and that you have sufficient motivation to return home and not stay in Australia.