If you are sufficiently qualified and experienced in an occupation listed on one of the skills shortage lists, you may be able to get a temporary or permanent work visa that allows you and your family to stay in Australia

You have two options:

1. find a business to sponsor you for one of the Employer Sponsored visas; or

2. get enough points on the Points Test to get a Skilled Visa – this means you don’t need a business to sponsor you

Choose one that applies to you:

I found a business to sponsor me More

If the business has a genuine position for you, and you have the qualifications, skills, and experience to do the job, you might get a sponsored work visa…

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I don’t have a business to sponsor me – how can I work in Australia? More

You can get a skilled work visa. You are given ‘points’ for everything that makes you more employable – qualifications, skills, experience, English ability. If you get enough points you might get a skilled work visa…

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I run a business and want to sponsor a worker More

You can sponsor a foreign employee if you have a genuine position available, will pay them the market rate for the job, and for some visas, can show you spend some money on training Australians…

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Employer Sponsored Visas

You can get a visa to work in Australia if you find a business to sponsor you, providing the business genuinely needs a new employee, will pay you properly, and in some cases, can show they contribute to the training of Australians. You will need the qualifications, and/or work experience, and the required English ability.

There are three employer sponsored visas:

Temporary Work (subclass 457) visa: This is a temporary work visa that, in some circumstances, can be used as pathway to one of the permanent work visas listed below. However, it will be replaced by a new temporary work visa in 2018.

Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) visa: A permanent work visa giving you permanent residence in Australia.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187) visa: A permanent work visa giving you permanent residence in Australia provided you are willing to live and work in a regional area for a period of time



Skilled Visas

Skilled visas are points based. You are given points for attributes the government thinks will make you are more employable. You get points for education, work experience, age, English language ability, and certain other things; if you get 60 points you become eligible for a skilled visa, but the higher your points score the better your chance of getting a skilled visa.

You don’t apply directly for these visas – you register your interest by lodging an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) on the government Skills Select website. The government periodically searches this database of potential applicants and invites people to apply for a Skilled work visa.

Each State and Territory in Australia has a list of occupations experiencing a shortage of workers. If you are willing to move to a State or Territory, or into a regional area away from the main large cities on Australia’s East Coast, you may increase your chances of getting a Skilled Visa. You get extra points for State or Territory Sponsorship, though their requirements in terms of qualifications and experience may differ. You can signal your interest State or Territory sponsorship on the Skills Select website.


If you are a student and have finished your studies you can work on the Temporary Graduate Visa More

If you are a student and have finished your studies, you might be able to get a Temporary Graduate visa for at least 18 months – maybe more. You can use this time to get work experience, improve your English, or find an employer to sponsor you. You can then apply for a permanent work visa…

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